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Juiced TV is the TV show made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital. Our mission is to create meaningful and memorable experiences with patients, their families and their hospital community - squeezing joy into a hospital stay.

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With the help of very generous supporters – people just like you! - the Juiced TV program is delivered in following ways:

'Hands on Happiness' Filming Days

The Juiced TV crew are on location every week at the Queensland Children’s Hospital running ‘Hands on Happiness’ filming days to provide immediate distraction and lift kids’ spirits.


Running Special Events

We’re looking forward to being back to business-as-usual in 2021, running special events and experiences onsite at hospitals - including entertainment & performances, workshops, visits from special guests, and more.


Experiences Outside Hospital

We also co-ordinate and capture experiences outside of hospital walls, bringing to life special requests from patients.


Virtual Visits

We now run Virtual Visits via our live streaming capability - patients are granted once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to connect with their favourite celebrities and idols, no matter where they are in the world. Some of our virtual visitors to date include Margot Robbie, Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Nick Kyrigos, Steph Gilmore, Chris Hemsworth, Hamish Blake and Guy Sebastian.


The 'Juiced Box' App

Our mobile application the ‘Juiced Box’ also allows Juiced TV content to be accessible 24/7 to children’s wards throughout regional Queensland.


Content For Kids

A large portion of Juiced TV content is focussed around creating content for kids, by kids, that improves the understanding of the hospital journey. This helps to create a sense of normality, and transform the clinical surroundings into familiar places that they can even associate with fun and play.


Strong Collaboration

We collaborate strongly with the hospital network including Children’s Health Queensland, the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and other program providers to ensure we’re creating the greatest impact.


We create happy memories, and make dreams come true.

If you believe in the positive and valuable work of Juiced TV, please show your support by donating. Your donation makes a BIG difference.